How do I order?
The best way to order is by giving us a call at (303) 455-3369. We’re located in Denver, CO and open during the week from 11am to 7pm Mountain Standard Time (EST minus 2) and on Saturdays from 12pm-5pm. We have an excellent, knowledgeable staff here who will answer your call and help you through your order. If you prefer to get in touch with us through email, you can write us at sportsoptical@yahoo.com, and we can take care of your order through email. You will, however, miss out on chatting with us. It’s a treat.
I already have a goggle I like, can I just order the insert through you?
Of course, we’ll simply need the goggles here in our shop for a few days. Once we receive your goggle, we will also evaluate it to ensure its compatibility with an insert. There are certain goggles which, based on their shape and size, simply do not have the volume or design to properly accommodate an insert.
How will you know which insert will work for my goggle?
We have some goggles here in-house, and for the ones we don’t have we’ll politely ask you to send your goggle our way. We’d rather take an extra step to make sure they’re right, plus, we’ll install the insert so it’s ready to go when it arrives at your door.
Why are inserts better than wearing goggles over my goggles?
By wearing inserts instead of glasses, you’re able to keep your Rx lenses a bit further away from your face, which goes a long way towards reducing fogging. Instead of putting pressure on your nose and temples, the inserts allow your goggles to sit as they should, pressure-free, and fully-sealed around your eyes, and when you wear inserts you don’t beat up your glasses by crunching them under the goggle. Finally, unless you’re wearing your grandfather’s jumbo frames, your insert lens will likely be larger than your standard eyeglasses, giving you a larger field of vision and helping you see more.
Why inserts and not a single lens into the goggle itself?
It’s our job to know and test all the goggles on the market, and through our extensive testing we’ve found that without the dual-lens tech, which Smith Optics pioneered, the goggles fog because there is no thermal barrier of the double-lens. Direct-lens prescription goggles look great in the shop, but do not perform on the slopes.
I’ve heard about the Turbo Fan’s, do they actually make a difference?
Yes. Yes, they do. They are the very best goggle on the market at extracting moisture from the eyebox and therefore reducing the potential for fogging.
Do you offer any coupons or discounts?
We try to price our work so that our customers feel like they’re getting a fair deal. Once you are a customer of ours, however, we’re glad to extend a 20% discount on all future purchases you make through us, including our sport sunglasses, fashion frames, and, of course, our handcrafted prescription lenses. We extend this discount to you and your immediate family and we do so because we appreciate your loyalty.
I live in Japan, will you ship me my inserts?
Absolutely. We ship to all fifty states and around the world. For Domestic shipping we use UPS and for International shipping we use USPS International Priority.
How long does it take to receive my goggles or inserts?
We do our best to maintain fast turn-around on our work, and once we have your goggle here in our shop it will typically take anywhere from 2-7 days to make your inserts. There are a lot of factors that determine timing. If you have a special event or trip on the horizon, you can certainly let us know, though we hope you understand that every one of our customers seems to have a special event or trip on the horizon.
Do you accept insurance?
We are an out-of-network provider, meaning we can provide you with an itemized receipt reflecting a prescription purchase, which you can then submit to your insurance provider. When a goggle and Rx insert are purchased together, the entire purchase is a “prescription” purchase and can be paid for using Health Savings or Flexible Spending Accounts.
I wear progressive lenses in my everyday glasses, do I need them in my goggle inserts?
For skiing and riding, the majority of our customers prefer to go with single-vision, distance lenses. When you’re on the slopes you’re looking ahead, identifying obstacles, choosing your lines, and observing your friend’s yard-sale crash, distance-only lenses will help you see all of these. Some people, however, prefer to have a lined bifocal set in the lower of their lenses to help them read trail maps, see their phones, etc. Progressives are not a popular choice, however, it’s your goggle, and it’s your call.