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Sports Optical custom Rx lenses reviewed in the Smith Chamber frame.

The Gear Caster By Amy Jurries March 2014 November 18, 2015

The Gear Caster was voted one of the Top 10 Gear Websites by Outside Magazine. We were reviewed very favorably by the Gear Caster. Therefore, by the transitive property, we make some of the coolest prescription eyewear around. Highlight: "Honestly, in this constantly connected world of instant gratification, I was surprised when I heard the waiting time. And then the glasses arrived. I would have waited 3 months. The lenses are superb, easily among the best I ever tried in any type of frame." Read More...>


Sports Optical Custom Prescription Lenses in the Rudy Project Ketyum frame.

Active Gear Review By Niels Oomkes August 2015 November 18, 2015

Active Gear Review writes full-length feature reviews with depth and thorough consideration to the gear at hand. Thusly, it should be no surprise that when reviewer Niels Oomkes put the Rudy Project Ketyum with Sports Optical custom prescription lenses through its paces, he included a series of excellent photographs, often selfies, that are truly some of the best amateur images we've come across. Highlight: "Now, I have had prescription sun glasses before, but none like this. The focus on performance prescription sunglasses for the active person is what really sets Sports Optical apart from any other name brand out there." Read More...>

Prescription Goggles Inserts as featured in By Katie Macarelli November 2013 November 18, 2015

We're glad to work with kids of all ages. Even adults still young at heart. So we were really excited when Gabby came by with her mother, a journalist for, so we could help make her winter much more enjoyable. Highlight: "Plus, it wasn't outrageously pricey like I feared. It helps that prescription purchases through Sports Optical (including goggle) are valid with Flex Spending or Health Savings Accounts." Read More...>



Smith Optics goggle with custom Rx goggle insert from Goggle Rx

Eli @BerkeleySupply November 18, 2015

So I finally got glasses about a year and a half ago. All last winter I just stuffed my glasses under my goggles, which didn't work for shit. As luck would have it @sports_optical makes these PERFECT custom prescription goggle inserts made right here on Tennyson. These are a MUST OWN. Thanks Bret!! #certifieddocop #fullNERD #flatlander #joeyoftheday

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Jason from Vermont November 19, 2015

"I just wanted to follow up on the order I placed for my son a few weeks ago. He's 14 years old and you made some prescription goggle inserts for his POC goggle. Anyway, he's a racer and he says that he's never skied with such confidence. The inserts don't fog, they don't jiggle around like his glasses used to, and they're more comfortable. He says he can focus on gates better than he could previously and he can therefore anticipate turns better, as well. You guys were easy to work with, and thanks for getting them back to us in time for his race."