Smith Optics Chamber frame reviewed by The GearCaster gear website.

The Gear Caster

Here at Goggle Rx we try to keep the convo focused on goggles, on snow, on mountains, etc. But, what we do here isn’t simply goggles. We make custom prescription sports lenses, whether it’s to load into a goggle insert or to load into an Oakley. (like this: Oakley hand-milled lens edge). It’s our expertise in sports eyewear in general that let’s us be leaders in the prescription goggle world.

This being said, the folks at the Gear Caster gave us a really cool review last year. They’re a great gear website that we turn to when researching new gear, and so it was humbling to see Sports Optical featured in their space. There were some great quotes, but our favorite was: “Honestly, in this constantly connected world of instant gratification, I was surprised when I heard the waiting time. And then the glasses arrived. I would have waited 3 months. The lenses are superb, easily among the best I ever tried in any type of frame. As the Sports Optical team explained, the lenses are all hand shaped – this craftsmanship gives them firm control over various aspects of each lens and the resulting quality is obvious.”

Quality so high it’s obvious. That’s awesome.